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Rafael Roure - Kunai for sale - asking $110 -

Kunai 1.4M Sport ZGlider EP. Intact. includes motor, speed control, servos. Just needs battery and receiver. No damage but a few paint scuffs.

Viper 70mm EDF for sale $100 obo

I am selling my viper EDF 70mm BNF for $100.

I believe the left main landing gear servo has gone bad because it will not function. I attempted to remove the landing gear but in the process started to strip 2 out of 4 screws attaching the gear. The screws aren’t strip bad.
The plane has no damage except for some minor wing tip rash.
Receiver and ECS still work perfectly.
Great parts plane or project.

Christopher Bledsoe 1-706-615-5104

Camilo's (Cam) DX9 Black Edition Transmitter

561-201-7115... DX9 Black Edition Transmitter SPMR9910... $350 negotiable.