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 Lemon RX 7 ch. Full-Range receiver with sensors item # LM0052, XT60.

This is a telemetry receiver with all the attachments. Less then one year old.

       $35.00 or best offer.

As written on Amazon:

  • After almost 2 years of ongoing development, LemonRX has put a variometer, energy meter (mAh, V, Current) and just about every major telemetry parameter in one tiny package. LM0052 is the world smallest, true full-range telemetry system with build-in sensors along with diversity receiver in the smallest possible package.
  • Barometer built-in to the receiver for altitude and vario information True Full-range diversity telemetry provides plane information in real-time with any DSMX or DSM2 compatible transmitter Energy metering system (mAh, V, Current) are included 2-stage failsafe suited for gas/electric applications (Selectable failsafe for pre-defined position as throttle only or all channel failsafe in the event of signal loss) Diversity extended antenna receiver with state-of-the-art RF circuit
  • Real time RSSI output as analog voltage / displayed on transmitter A parameter Glider may use the included wiring for battery voltage sensing only if energy metering system is not required for absolute weight reduction Optional diversity satellite maybe used to provide total of 4 receiving antennas
  • Included sensors / interface: Alltitude, Vario, Energy meter (Receiver voltage, Battery voltage, mAh consumed, Current), Temperature (Internal automatically selected when the included external temperature probe is not used), RSSI out (3V to 0V) and displayed on transmitter A parameter
  • Specifications: Type: Lemon RC DSMP (DSMX Compatible) 7-Channel Full-Range Telemetry receiver with diversity receiver (Vario + Energy Meter + Altitude) Channels: 7 Modulation: DSMP (DSMX & DSM2 compatible) Band: 2.4GHz Dimensions: 44(L) x 24(W) x 15(H) Weight: 9.56g Voltage Range: 4.5-8.5V

…Bernie Francis