March Maiden at RCBP
A low pass lower than landing gear would allow. Wow Ron, Wow!

April 2022 Combat Video

Bob’s 50% scale Switzerland Air Force Bücker Bü.133 Jungmeister U-79

I want to thank you all for being such stalwart supporters of the 2022 American Diabetes Association and my ride for the Tour de Cure again. It was so good to be back in person and ride out with hundreds of other committed riders and an untold number of volunteers! As the 1st time back, we had the largest number of Champions each raising over $1,000 and 6 of us raised over $10k each. I am proud to say I was the 4th overall highest fundraiser again this year. I am attaching a video of the March 2022 ride generated through Relieve.
Again, I thank you for your support. I hope this next year is wonderful for each and every one in the club. I think I will try to do this event again next year and would, of course, appreciate being able to ask you all again.
Sincerely, Andy Levy


A special thank you to Barry Echols for creating and providing years of videos and club photos.

You are fondly remembered by the RCBP membership

March 10th 2018 Funfly & Cookout

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December 2, 2017 Funfly and cookout

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Paving Project 2016

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Cookout and funfly 2015

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Shelter Project 2014